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Fine Arts

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Five Elements Gallery

Alison Thibault
28 Main Street
Phone: 863-2262



Connecting people through the energy of handcrafted art and creating open space to nurture the artist in all people.

I design, create and sell handcrafted jewelry, functional housewares and sculpture using a combination of materials and techniques including warm glass, lampworking and metalsmithing. The colors and designs for my work come from the places and people that surround me and the music that is always on as I work. When you visit Vinalhaven, please stop in and say hello, see the work in process or try your hand at making something yourself...  Peace, Alison


New Era Gallery

Elaine Austin Crossman, Director
60 Main Street
Phone: 863-9351



A fine arts gallery featuring work by locally and nationally recognized artists on an intriguing island in Penobscot Bay.

Open May through December.


Vinalhaven Granite Works

Wesley Reed
32 W. Main St.
Vinalhaven, ME 04863
Phone: (207) 863-2554



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