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Getting Around

"Do I need to bring a car to Vinalhaven?"

This is certainly a most frequently asked question by folks thinking of visiting the island. Here are some thoughts and general guidelines to help you with that decision.
If you plan to come for a day visit, we strongly advise against bringing a car unless you have a reservation both ways. It is very possible to find yourself stranded on the island with all lodging facilities full.
If you plan to come for the day or for a short stay (one or two nights) consider the alternatives:



The island in general is hilly but not mountainous. Bicyclists need to be aware that the roads outside of the immediate village are narrow and rough in places, and there is a significant increase in vehicular traffic during the summer months. Experienced cyclists will probably not be daunted by the challenges presented by island terrain and traffic, while less experienced riders may want to confine riding to the better kept roads around town. Bicyclists should obey the rules of the road at all times. There are no designated bike paths.
Bikes are available to rent at the Tidewater Motel by the day. The single speed bikes can be rented for $15.00 per day.



The Tidewater Motel does have a few cars available for rent if you are coming for more than a day. You can contact the motel at (207) 863-4618.
Coming for a longer stay?, or need to bring your vehicle?  

See further information on our “Getting Here” page.



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