Our Communities

Preserving our island way of life and promoting economic vitality.

The Vinalhaven Chamber of Commerce welcomes you
to our island communities! 


Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about the Fox Islands of Vinalhaven and North Haven! Located in the heart of Penobscot Bay, our islands are valued for their striking natural beauty and tightly knit small town communities. Vinalhaven has about 1,200 year-round residents while North Haven has about 350. Of course, the populations of both islands swell in the summer with the return of seasonal residents and visitors from around the world. Both islands boast accredited K-12 schools that we proudly support, medical and dental health centers, and volunteer ambulance and fire crews. Lobster fishing and related support activities make up roughly half of our islands' economies. In addition to commercial fishermen and women, we are builders, musicians, plumbers, teachers, shopkeepers, electricians, innkeepers, artists, writers, mechanics, realtors, restaurateurs, boat builders, ferry captains, architects, administrators, conservationists, and more. Both islands have a Town Manager or Administrator who works with elected Select Boards to govern our respective towns, and both support a plethora of civic organizations that serve the needs and interests of our island communities.

We hope our website gives you an enticing glimpse of our rich and varied island communities. Separated by only a short ride across the Fox Islands Thorofare, we invite you to explore both islands and see for yourselves!